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The all new HomeBuyer Report (Level 2) was introduced on the 1st July, 2009. The report will prioritise problems with the colour coding ratings. It will also provide details of the Energy Assessment Ratings. Insurance and Building Valuation.

It concentrates on essentials, e.g. defects which are urgent or significant and may affect the value of the property. It also includes a lot of other valuable information.

The surveyor's main objective in providing this Service is to assist the prospective homebuyer to:
1. make a reasoned and informed judgement on whether or not to proceed with the purchase
2. assess whether or not the property is a reasonable purchase at the agreed price
3. be clear what decisions and actions should be taken before

contracts are exchanged.

Recent HomeBuyer Surveys in Macclesfield, Holmes Chapel, Buxton and Congleton.

The importance of getting a Home Survey

Hi mark, we have seen the report and would just like to thank you for everything you have done for us... you were very helpful and professional , we will definitely be contacting you in the near future as we were very happy with your services. John..8.10.16

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For properties over £400,000 please give us a call to discuss the requirements and we shall be able to negotiate an appropriate fee.

It is designed specifically as an economy service. It is only intended for certain types of home :- houses, flats, leaseholds & bungalows which are conventional in type & construction and appear in reasonable condition.

More indepth surveys are provided by Full Building Survey. Also known as 'Structural Survey'.

The surveyor will give his professional opinion on the particular features of the property which affect its present value and may affect its future resale.
The concise report covers the building inside and outside, the services and the site. It focuses on the defects and other problems which in the judgement of the surveyor are urgent or significant, but is also covers:

* the general condition and particular features of the property
* points which should be referred to the client's legal advisers
* other relevant considerations concerning. For example, safety, the location, the environment, or perhaps, insurance.

Matters which are judged to be not urgent or not significant are in general not included in the report, but the surveyor will mention matters judged to be both helpful and constructive.
Where the client has a particular concern - perhaps whether the property is suitable for a disabled person - the surveyor will keep this in mind during the inspection.
Or, a specific addition to the service may be agreed between client and surveyor.
Where necessary, the surveyor may also be able to provide some extra service which is outside the scope of the standard package - perhaps providing a schedule of minor defects (for later discussion with a contractor), or arranging for testing of mains services by suitably qualified specialists.
Where the client should take some action before deciding to purchase, this is signalled clearly in the text of the report with colour coded condition ratings.

If you want to find out a bit more about the physical condition of the home you're buying, a HomeBuyer's report is ideal. Without costing as much as a full building survey it will highlight any major problems and tell you what to look out for in the future.

HomeBuyer Surveys in Macclesfield, Bollington, Leek, Rudyard, Alderley Edge, Lower Withington, Gawsworth and surrounding areas undertaken in the week of instruction if possible.

Hi Mark, Thank you very much for your services. I can confirm I have now paid the total via BACS. If you could confirm receipt that would be appreciated. Also, I'd like to mention how pleased I am with the service we have received from yourself. You were available to take an out of hours call, and willing to speak to me. You arranged and carried out the survey very quickly - too which I was impressed. Finally, I've been extremely happy with the contact from yourself - keeping us updated and the advice we have received. So, once again, thanks very much! If you do have anywhere online for us to leave a review, do let us know and I'd be happy to do so. Many Thanks, Tom 17.1.17

Provision of Service Regulations 2009.
We comply with the above regulation by displaying the required details of our Professional Indemnity Insurance in each of our offices.

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